northern california. 05311993. twenty years. sonoma state university. psychology & business. i'm a very trusting person, and i love being around people. i thrive on the thrill and adventure of it all. only to make lasting memories with the people that i love the most. some say i need to be more independent, which is true. but the thing about me, is that, once you're my good friend, you will always be my good friend. you will never, ever, have to worry about losing me as a friend. i treasure friendships. for however long you plan to treasure mine. is that okay with you ?
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ME: i got accepted to UC Merced!
MOM: but you hate the school.

ME: i got accepted to sac state!
MOM: okay

ME: i got accepted to sonoma state!
MOM: oh. i forgot you applied.

wtf. screw you guys. -____-
face it. i’m not going to get accepted to UCLA, UCI, or UCD.
so let’s appreciate the acceptances i do have. yes?

seattle pacific.
university of san francisco.
uc merced.
sac state.
sonoma state.

hiring a set of parents with encouraging personality traits!

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  1. sariebean said: Me as your parent: Lawrence, you excel in everything you do and Congratulations and i love you.
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